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Colour Mood Mini Kit

Colour Mood Mini Kit

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Experience true magic with our Color Changing Kit – see it transform from blue to pink, purple, and green, and let it work its mood-changing wonders. The more you create, the bigger your potion gets. A word of caution: this enchanting process can get messy, so it's best enjoyed outdoors or in a spacious tray. Let the colorful transformation begin!

What's included:
1 x dry fizz ingredients in cotton pouches.
1 x sparkly liquids in reusable PET plastic bottles with bamboo screw cap
1 x 10ml glass Refill jar
1 x mini affirmation and ingredient index card

What am I made of?
Salt, citric acid, bicarb, essential oils, mica, bio glitter, Butterfly pea powder

LBW Tip: Blue Shift powder can cause staining to clothing if left unwashed. Our potion play is recommended for children aged 3+, adult supervision is recommended

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