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Brave Fairy Magic Dust

Brave Fairy Magic Dust

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Picture this: the colour fairies are like magical artists who love to paint the world with all the colours you can think of! Each fairy has their very own colour and a super cool power. Add this magic dust to your potion making for extra fizz, sparkle and magic. For optimum fizz, slowly add teaspoons of water to the magic dust.

Introducing the BRAVE fairy, the oldest of the fairies and quite courageous (mostly). This vibrant fairy uses red dust to energise all creatures. Add it to potions for bravery and confidence when feeling shy. The colourful crystals also attract magical creatures in potions!

What's Included:
30ml PET plastic bottle with a bamboo cap.
Please re-use me! Bottle your potion back up to use as a liquid another time.

What am I made of: Bicarb, citric acid, food dye, mica and bio glitter

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