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Hanging Bee House

Hanging Bee House

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A Hanging Bee House is a wonderful addition to any garden, as it provides a safe and cozy habitat for bees to nest and pollinate flowers.

It is typically made of wood and features small holes or tubes that serve as individual nesting chambers for bees.

By hanging a bee house in your garden, you are providing a unique opportunity for nature learning. Kids can observe the bees as they come and go from their nests and learn about the important role that bees play in pollination and ecosystem health.

The Hanging Bee House is also a beautiful decorative element for any garden or outdoor space, with its charming design and natural materials. It can be hung from a tree or pergola or mounted on a wall or fence using the built-in hanger.

Measuring 30x22x24cms. Weight: 2.7kgs.

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