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How Do I Feel? Card - Box Set

How Do I Feel? Card - Box Set

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Explore our cool boxed card set – it's all about emotions! Based on the book "How Do I Feel? A Dictionary of Emotions for Children," this set includes 63 emotions and even introvert and extrovert cards.

Look at the card's picture of an emotion, then read its name and meaning. Parents and teachers, these cards are awesome for helping kids understand feelings. You can chat about emotions, share stories, and say, "Are you feeling...?" These cards are like tools for understanding emotions better and building super emotional skills!

What's included:
65 cards
storage box

How big am I?
H120mm X W160mm X 40mm

LBW Tip: Here's a fun way to explain emotions! Imagine emotions as your secret helpers that make you feel all sorts of things, like super happy when you're playing, or a bit sleepy when it's bedtime. They're like magic feelings that help you understand yourself and your friends better!
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