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Wander and Wild

Recycled Rain Jacket - Olive

Recycled Rain Jacket - Olive

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Get ready for awesome adventures with our kids' jacket – it's full of cool features! The outer shell is made from recycled plastic bottles, like superhero capes for the planet (certified by the Global Recycled Standard). Plus, the lining is super comfy everywhere, even in the hood!

It's like wearing magic – sizes 1-10 cover two ranges for longer wear. And guess what? There's a special name label inside with spaces for hand-me-down names, like secret codes!

There are deep pockets for warm hands or treasures you find. The jacket is stretchy around wrists, hips, and the hood – perfect for active explorers. And guess what? The hood comes off too!

With zips, velcro, and snap buttons, it's like wearing armour. It's so flexible that it can be rolled up into the hood for easy storage – like a magic trick!

Rain or wind, this jacket's got you covered. It's waterproof and windproof tested, with a waterproof rating of 3000mm. And guess what? It's designed and tested right here in Australia – just for kids like you!

LBW Tip: These come in four fun colours, OliveOak, Sand and Desert Rose and they look great with gumboots!
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