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White Water Beads

White Water Beads

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Get your sensory on with these incredible, slippery & super fun water beads!

Fun For?

Sensory Play

Small world play. Create a fun ocean or ice play!

Scooping & pouring

Use with water play

Throw them

Bounce them

Squish them

Just Add Water!

Soak your water beads in 2 liters of water for 12 hours

add more water if needed

Makes approximately 2 liters of fully grown beads


Not for children who are 3 or under or any child likely to put things in their mouths

Do not put water beads in your mouth

Store activated and non activated water beads away from children and in a dry place



Our water beads are non toxic and biodegradable but strictly not for mouths

Wash hands before and after use

You can store your activated water beads in a sealed container or ziplock bag in the fridge for a few weeks.

Rinse them in some dish detergent or hand sanitiser before reusing.

You can also dehydrate your water beads by leaving them out to ‘dry’ AWAY FROM CHILDREN

Dispose of water beads in the garden (they are great for the garden!) But be mindful of pets and children. Or put them in the bin.

DO NOT flush down the toilet or down any drains

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