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Wild Dough

Wild Playdough - Galaxy Black

Wild Playdough - Galaxy Black

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Introducing Wild Dough – the playdough that keeps kids playing for longer! With its cloud-like texture and sensational feel, you'll fall in love from the very first touch. It's scented, super soft, and lasts a long time. Plus, if it ever dries out, just add water to bring back its original softness. Made in Australia using safe ingredients, Wild Dough is a must-have for endless playtime fun!

What's included:
280g playdough twinkling with glitter and scented lightly with cola
Comes in jar

What am I made of?
Wheat flour, corn/maize flour, salt, cream of tartar, canola oil, food colouring, food essence (We do not use any type of frangrance oil or essential oil.)

LBW Tip: Wanna know why every kid in town loves this playdough? It smells amazing, is non-toxic, lasts easily for 6 months and was developed by a mum for her own kids... makes sense why everyone loves it! Recommended for kiddies 3+ years.

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