Hello! Let's have some fun...

It’s never has been and never will be about business at Little Barefoot Wanderers. The journey to where we are now comes from one thought. Creative Minds, create magic. It’s that simple. 

Kids need to have fun, explore, use their hands and be creative to develop skills to grow and succeed in the big world out there. It’s our mission to provide the kiddies of today with resources to do those kinds of things, hence Little Barefoot Wanderers was born! 

Established in early 2023 after a pandemic that swept across the globe, when it became more apparent that kiddies lost (or sadly never learnt, thanks to mask wearing) the skills to communicate or express themselves. Now, some people would say that screens and the digital world messed that up a long time ago and, to a certain degree we agree with that but the pandemic definitely rattled the world and that’s why we believe we  need to strip everything back. Let’s take it right back to the roots and really encourage our kids to enjoy life, play outside, sing songs out aloud, laugh, smile, create, imagine and have fun!

Little Barefoot Wanderers is here to help with exactly that, all you need to do is remember this… creative minds, create magic.