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Crystal Chips

Crystal Chips

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Say hello to our Calm Corner Crystal Chips – they're like a sprinkle of magic for your child's sensory playtime! These chips jazz up our Playdough Mix, Sensory Rice, and any other imaginative game your little one cooks up. These Crystal Chips are handpicked to add an extra touchy-feely element to their sensory adventures.

The crystal chips are handpicked to give you a mix of cool colors, funky shapes, and awesome textures. Each bag packs a punch with amethyst, carnelian, aventurine, rose quartz, moonstone, citrine, and red jasper. Get ready for a dazzling playtime experience!

What's included:
200g of Crystal Chips
Calico Drawstring Storage Bag

LBW Tip: Did you know that the Carnelian stone is associated with creativity, courage, and motivation. It's often used to boost confidence and self-esteem!
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