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Make Mud

Playdough Powder - Woodfire

Playdough Powder - Woodfire

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Turn playtime into a colorful adventure with this earthy yellow mud powder. Mix in hot water, and watch it transform into a dazzling orange, shimmering with red and gold bioglitter. Breathe in the scent of pine essential oils for a 100% natural sensory delight this season.

Imagine a sunset-colored world of woodfires and enchantment – this magical mud sets the stage for cozy playtime fun. From volcanic eruptions to dragon quests, it's your base for endless imaginary adventures.

Sculpt, stamp, and squish your way through endless small world wonders. Dive into the Winter wonderland with this 100% natural treasure from our limited-time collection.

What's included:
200g of dry playdough mix (contains gluten and soy - Soil/sand-based and fragranced with pine pure essential oil)
Packaged in a certified compostable pouch

LBW Tip: The MakeMUD magic transforms soil into safe, squishy dough, blended with food-grade stuff for worry-free playtime delight. Made playdough lasts for 6 months in airtight container

For ages 3+ years, direct adult supervision required. Like all playdough, this is a toy and is not suitable for consumption.

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